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About RC FoamFly

The Men Behind RCFoamFly

Alex (Marketing and Distribution)
Alex is in charge of the day to day running of the business operations. He is in charge of the marketing and distribution with a firm focus on guiding the directional strategy behind RCFoamFly. When there’s a hot new product on the market, he’ll know all about it, and he’s very much the man with his finger on the pulse of all things RC. On the weekends you can find Alex Trying to find time to get down to his local flying field or running his teenage kids to soccer, water polo or dancing plus trying to get down to the beach with a ball and his Australian Kelpie, Sparky the Wonder Dog.
Mark (Product Development and Procurement)
Mark is in charge of the behind the scenes work such as order dispatch, website development, product testing and the supply chain. His specialty is sourcing the best products, testing and developing the various packages and producing the documentation which you see on our website. With a solid background in RC plane construction, when there’s a new idea, he’s the one who can make it fly. On the weekends you can find Mark helping out with the running of his children’s soccer, driving his kids to birthday parties and of course taking some time to catch up with friends at the local park (flying club).

Our Business:
RC FoamFly is part of the MicronWings RC Network (WeFly Network) and aims to support the builders of foam park fly aircraft by supplying components, kits and advice. Our key objective is to introduce enthusiasts as well as people who are new to building RC planes to a new system which has become quite popular recently – the construction of foam planes. These planes, often built from Depron foam or FoamBoard foam are easy to construct and it is then a simple case of fitting your RC gear, motor and so on, and you’re ready to fly.

Our focus is on supplying builders with the fit-out kits and parts they need to quickly and easily finish their building project. All too often a major source of frustration with building is sourcing the components you need and knowing exactly what you need to get the job done and get the plane in the air. We aim to streamline this process by offering ready made kits which contain all the components you need to get the job done, allowing you to focus on the building and enjoy the flying in a timely fashion.

At RC FoamFly we’ve done all the hard work for you. We have a small but focused range of products which represent the best choices for finishing your building project. With ready made fit-out kits and spares as well, there’s no need to search through pages and pages of motors and ESC units wondering which ones will work together – you can buy off us with confidence knowing the parts we supply will all work together and fit together perfectly.

RC FoamFly is a web based business trading through our website as well as on eBay. We also service hobby shops in the south east Queensland are. Please feel free to contact us with any enquiries.

E-Mail: Contact me

A.B.N.: 64 572 342 711


Sunshine Coast , Queensland, Australia