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RC Powers V5 HydroJet Airframe Kit

High quality laser-cut Depron airframe kit. This kit contains all the airframe parts you need to construct your RC Powers jet. The parts just pop out of the sheets and save you hours or work - just start building!

*See important notes on foam selection below

Examples below of the completed airframe.
(Note: Carbon bracing rods are not included in this kit)

Sheets below are included in this kit.

The airframe parts after being removed from the sheets.

Price: $64.00 AUD

Postage Charges
$59 AUD will be added automatically to cover postage. Please initially check out and pay this amount.
We will do a partial postage refund for any excess postage amounts according to the schedule below.

Note: If purchasing multiple airframe kits the postage may be more expensive. Please contact us for an exact quote.

Australian Customers
(correct postage)
QLD $17.00   SA $24.00
NSW $21.00   WA $25.00
Vic $22.00   NT $25.00
ACT $22.00      
International Customers
(correct postage)
United States $48.00 AUD
United Kingdom $59.00 AUD
New Zealand $37.00 AUD
* Other locations - please contact us for a postage quote.

You also receive a free digital version of the plans (valued at $17 USD)

RCFoamFly produces pre cut airframe kits sold under license from RCPowers. High quality cutting and extremely accurate, these kits will make for an effortless building process. Save yourself the time and hassle of printing plans, transferring to foam sheets and then all that time cutting out the parts. A job that takes hours can be done in just 2 minutes - and all with perfect results.

Building Instructions

For those who haven't built an RC Powers jet before, we strongly recommend that you become an RC Powers member and take advantage of their building guide as well as the forum where you can have all your questions answered by other experienced builders.
RC Powers Link

Fit Out Kits
See also this V5 fit-out kit which contains all the fittings you will need to complete the basic airframe.
fit out kit

Kit Features in Detail  
Foam Selection: Genuine Depron or Modelling Foam
We offer customers a choice of Genuine Depron or Modelling Foam. Please inform us of your choice by email after ordering. The price is the same whichever option you choose.

The consistency of Depron and Modelling Foam is almost identical. Both are made from closed cell foam.
However, Modelling foam is about 20% lighter than Depron and also not quite as strong. It is still strong enough though for model building purposes.

Modelling Foam: Modelling foam is flat (no bend in the sheet).
Shown here is a sheet 70cm x 50cm

Depron Foam: Lately Depron BV has stopped making model grade Depron so the sheets now have a slight bend in them. For built up airframes the bend in the sheets should not affect the finished product.
Shown here is a sheet 70cm x 50cm

These tabs hold each of the parts in place in the sheet of foam. This protects the parts during transport. But we’ve kept these tabs to an absolute minimum so it should take you only a few minutes to cut through them all with a hobby knife and remove the parts from the sheet.

Marker Lines :
Marker lines are very faint lines on the surface of the foam. They are used to show where you need to cut if you want to add optional features like rudders (as shown here). These lines don’t affect the strength of the foam. We also use marker lines for things like the canopy outline, as well as servo mount holes to show you the suggested location to mount the servos.

Half Cut Lines:
For all places where the foam needs to be scored and bent to form a corner, we have pre-cut the foam with half cut lines which go half way through. All you need to do is to bend the foam and it will fold perfectly along this line.


Carbon Bracing Cut-Outs:
These carbon rod bracing cut-outs are actually a run of 4 half cuts very close together. They go half way through the sheet of foam. All you need to do is to run a flat head screwdriver along the gap to clear out the remaining foam and then insert and glue in your carbon rods.

Pushrod Bend Template:
These cutouts in the foam can be used as a guide to show you where to bend your pushrods.

Balance Point Indicators:
We also include these very small cut-outs to indicate the optimal position for the balance point. Placing your finger tips under the wings, you can easily feel for these small holes in the foam and locate the balance point.

See an example of an RC Powers kit being laser-cut. This one below is an SU-27.