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RC Powers V4 Fit-Out Kit

This fit-out kit gives you all the components you might need to build a foam park-fly jet. We’ve done all the hard work for you and taken the guess work out of buying the components. The components in this kit all fit together perfectly, making it a simple plug and play solution. Pushrods, knuckles, and clevis are all matched. Also, the ESC comes with all the connectors pre-soldered. We've even thought to include additional servos, servo reverser and v-tail mixer. So no matter what plane you're building you're sure to have all the parts you need.

Important Note
Items not included in this pack are, transmitter, receiver, battery and charger.

This fit out kit is suitable for the RC Powers V4 airframes shown below.
V4 F-18 V4 Mig29 V4 SU-30 V4 SU-34

Price: $179 AUD

Postage Charges
$49 will be added automatically to cover postage.
Please initially check out and pay this amount.
We will do a partial postage refund for any excess postage amounts according to the schedule below.

Australian Customers
(correct postage)
QLD $15.00   SA $25.00
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ACT $25.00      
International Customers
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United States $41.00
UK + Europe $49.00
New Zealand $35.00
Alternatively if you are purchasing more than one fit-out kit or an airframe as well, please contact us for an exact postage quote.

Fit-Out Kit Components.  

D2826-6 2200kv Motor

APC 6x4 Prop

4 x 2mm x 10mm Screws
Motor Mount
10 x Neodymium Round 8mm X 2mm
Emax 40A ESC

4mm x Carbon Rod
Blenderm 2.5cm Hinge Tape
6 x Emax ES08MA Servos

6 x Double sided Servo Mounting Tape
3 x Hook and Loop Tape

3 x Sandpaper Sheets
3 x Razor Blades
6 x Knuckle Joints
6 x 2mm x 30cm Threaded Pushrods
6 x 1.8mm Clevis

6 x Control Horns
3 x 30CM Servo Lead Extension

3 x 30CM Servo Splitter Lead
Servo Reverser
V-Tail Mixer

Drill Bit
Spinner Tool
Wooden Servo Mounts



Fit-Out Kit Features.

Quality Components: You won’t find any cheap parts in our kits. We only include quality brand name components – Emax metal gear servos and Emax Simon Series ESCs, as well as the trusted Turnigy brand motors. You could replace all these with cheap generic items and save a buck or two, but that’s not our philosophy.
Screws: When building an RC plane it's always the little things which make a difference and we have really looked at this kits with an eye to what will make your build process as easy and simple as possible. There's nothing more frustrating than not having the right screw for the job, so we've included screws with narrow heads which clear the motor can as you screw them in.
Motor Mount : We supply a motor mount with pre-drilled holes which line up correctly with the alloy motor foot plate and which are the correct size for the supplied screws - no drilling out necessary.
1 ESC: Who wants to spend time soldering an ESC only to find you have run out of heat shrink or don't have the correct connectors. We include a quality Emax 40Amp ESC with all connectors pre-soldered.
Spinner Tool : This handy spinner tool is just the thing for tightening up the spinner. Keep it in your flight bag at all times.
Control Knuckle Joints : The included knuckle joints are just the right fit for the 2mm pushrods in the kit and we've chosen ones which can be tightened with a standard phillips head screw driver - not the allen key type.
Drill Bit : Well as hard as we tried we just couldn't find servo arms with 2mm holes, so we supply you with a 2mm drill bit so you can easily drill them out.
1 Clevis: The pins of the clevis and holes in the control horns are 1mm so no drilling is required. Juts snap them together.