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Glider Rubber Powered Balsa and Foam SloFly
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Wingspan 40cm
Length 33cm
Flying Weight 8.5 grams
1Assembly Instructions

The SloFly is a uniquely designed rubber powered glider which is able to fly at slow speeds, making it perfect for indoor (hall or sports facility) flying or for outdoor flying on zero wind days. This is achieved by using light weight parts to give an all up flying weight of just 8.5 grams. The slow flight speeds are achieved by the combination of prop diameter and size which produces ample thrust but at a slower rotational speed in a conventional rubber band powered setup.

Skill Level Required: Intermediate
The SloFly is not a snap together kit. There is a degree of trimming and gluing to be done to construct the body formers and wings as well as sanding of the prop blades. Finally, test gliding and trimming is required to produce a good flight path. This involves adjusting the position of the centre of balance, increasing down-thrust on prop and adjusting the incidence of the tailplane. See the instruction manual for details.

The SloFly comes in 2 designs – High Wing and Low Wing. The build process for each design is almost the same and both are covered in the instruction manual. There is no difference in the flight characteristics between the two designs, but if you have a preference for one over the other please contact us to check on stock availability.

Included in Kit
* Pre- cut airfoil parts
* Formed Depron prop blades
* Rubber
* Wooden body formers
* Mount and prop fittings.

Additional Items You May Need
* Wood Glue
* Foam Glue

Flight Video


Price: $18.25

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