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KingFisher ( Glider Rubber Powered Balsa and Depron Kingfisher)
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Wingspan 34cm
Length 26mm
Flying Weight 11.5 grams
1Assembly Instructions

Pack Contents
Pre-cut Depron airframe parts
Wooden Body
Propeller and rubber
Plastic mounts and supports

The KingFisher is rubber powered and also an excellent glider. It’s elevated wing position and inbuilt dihedral gives is great stability in flight. The tailplane mounted separately behind the vertical stabiliser also adds to this plane’s great in flight stability. The flight surfaces are made from plain white Depron foam with no decorations. You can decorate the plane yourself with felt texters. It also features two wooden support spars which are attached to the bottom of each wing.

All the flight surfaces of this plane have double sided tape attached. Simply peel back the top coating from the tape and stick the surface to the airframe according to the instruction diagram.


Wooden support spars for wings



The best distance from the nose to the front of the wing support is 9cm and the wing support is pre-glued to this location already.

Loop the rubber in half and tie a knot in the end that attaches to the back.


Be sure not to wind more than one row of knots into the rubber

Flight Video


Safety Instructions
* Only fly where there is adequate space
* Never fly near roads
* Be careful of spinning propeller
* Use only under adult supervision

Price: $12.50

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