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Glider Lanyu Penguin
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Wingspan 36cm
Flying Weight 15 grams

1 Assembly Instructions

Decorating Guide

The Lanyu Penguin is a great easy to build glider for beginners or children. The parts are all pre-cut and simply slot together. There is also a groove in the airframe for the fin to slot into. Included in this kit is glue as well as pens for decorating the plane once finished and some putty which can be used to balance the plane.

The main features of this kit are the pre shaped wings which have been milled to a nice aerofoil shape giving great glide performance. The wing roots are also pre-cut at an angle ready for gluing to give the correct dihedral angle. Also, the soft yellow foam nose tip offfers protection when flying inside.

Hardwood side panels are also supplied with a pilot figure drawn on them.

A guide is included with sample colouring suggestions.

Price: $18.90

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