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Glider Delta WaveRider
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Wingspan 43cm
Flying Weight 5.2 grams

The Wave Rider has a uniquely designed wing with wing tip shaping which actually reduces drag to give outstanding glide performance at very slow speeds. Simply clip on the ballast adjustment and it’s ready to fly.

A unique feature of this glider Is that you can actually adjust the centre of balance by screwing the plastic nuts forward or aft to learn about the effects of changing the centre of balance on the flight characteristic. A great tool for children and students to learn about the mechanics of flight in a fun way.

Included in Kit
* Pre- cut and decorated Depron Airframe
* Note: Colour may be RED or BLUE depending on current stock.
(If you have a preference please contact us)

* Plastic mounts and ballast adjustment

Simply clip the V shaped harness to the ballast adjustment below the wing.


Screw the plastic nuts backward or forward to adjust the centre of ballance.


Sample Glide Video (available soon)


Price: $11.20

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