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Glider Builtup Airframe P1A-1 Soarer
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Wingspan 67cm
Length 52cm
Flying Weight 46 grams
1Assembly Instructions

The Soarer is a high quality kit for the intermediate to advanced builder. It features a tow line hook which allows you to launch the glider with a tow line and then after the tow line detaches, have the rudder automatically deflect to put the glider into a circular flight path as it glides back down.

It not only features a built up wing airframe but also a built up tailplane with an airfoil section. Carbon bracing is used extensively to give exceptional strength while retaining its light weight.

Whether set up for hand launching or using a tow line, the Soarer will give exceptional gliding performance. Setting this glider up for towline operation will require a degree of skill and testing.

Note: The glider specification “P1A-1” is a manufacturer’s specification only and does not denote the glider as being officially approved for any particular gliding competition specification.

Included in Kit

* Pre- cut parts
* Carbon rod
* Ballast weight
* Sandpaper sheets
* Covering film
* Control line linkage parts
* Plan sheet

Additional Items You May Need
* Epoxy Glue
* Wood Glue
* Masking Tape
* Sanding Block
* Cling Wrap
* Hobby Knife
* Pins
* BlueTack
* Nail File

Test Glide Video


Price: $59.00

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