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Glider Builtup Airframe P1A-1 Osprey
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Wingspan 64cm
Length 53mm
Flying Weight 45 grams
1Assembly Instructions

The Osprey is a top of the line kit with great glide performance. The kit features a removable tailplane which is attached with rubber bands, making it easy to make fine adjustments to produce perfect flight performance. This kit includes heat activated film as covering so traditional covering skills are needed to complete the wings and tailplane.
Please see notes at bottom of page about curret stock

Pack Contents

Pre-cut airframe parts
Nose counter-weight
Light weight covering
Towing hook
Rubber bands

Note: The glider specification “P1A-1” is a manufacturer’s specification only and does not denote the glider as being officially approved for any particular gliding competition specification.

Test Glide Video

Current Stock
Note: This kit usually contains traditional heat activated film covering. However, current stock of this item contains tubular heat activated shrink covering instead.
Please see the videos below which show how to use tubular shrink film to cover this model.

Covering the wings.

Covereing the tailplane.


Price: $49.00

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