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Glider 50cm Wingspan Razor
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Wingspan 50cm
Flying Weight 23 grams
1Assembly Instructions

The Razor is a solid glider made completely from Paulownia wood, and as such the airframe is strong and resistant to dings and dents. It also features a sleek sharp design on the flight surfaces and this combined with the fact that it is a bit heavier than balsa, make it a fast flying glider and also suitable for flying in slight windy conditions. The wings feature a split design where the two halves are joined at an angle to form an airfoil shape.

Skill Level:
This design is suitable for intermediate to advanced builders as the wings need to be constructed from two pieces as well as the fact that the wings and tailplane need to be glued in place while being supported in the correct position.

Included in Kit
* Pre-cut wooden parts
* Ballast weight
* Diagram sheet
* Sandpaper sheet

Additional Items You May Need
* Wood Glue
* Additional ballast

Flight Video


Price: $14.50

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