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Flying Wing Kits with Fit-Out Kit Included

EPP Eagle
(ARF Kit)

The EPP eagle is a graceful bird and truly a pleasure to behold. People could even mistake it for a real eagle at a distance – until you pull off some loops and aileron rolls. The EPP eagle can be a docile soaring bird or fully aerobatic predator! It comes standard as a four servo v-tail / Aileron configuration. However, you can choose to set it up as a v-tail, elevator and ailerons or even both. Our EPP Eagle comes as an ARF kit with servos, leads, ESC, Motor, Propeller and connectors. All you need to supply is your receiver and battery.

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1 TekSumo ARF Kit V2
(Fully Loaded)

The Teksumo is a fun combat wing made from almost unbreakable EPP foam that is easy and cheap to build and will provide hours of "fly it like you stole it" fun With the RCFoamFly supplied fit-out kit, your Teksumo will have plenty of performance and won't cost the earth.

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