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EPP Eagle (Version2)
test Specifications

Weight - 460 grams
Wingspan - 120cm

Download the building instructions here

Kit Includes:
Emax BL2212 1400kv Motor
8038 SF Prop
3mm Alloy Prop Saver
Emax 20Amp ESC (soldered)
4 x Emax ES08AII Servos
V-Tail Mixer
Servo Reverser

Control Linkages

Rubber bands
EPP Airframe + accessories

The EPP eagle is a graceful bird and truly a pleasure to behold. People could even mistake it for a real eagle at a distance. The EPP eagle can be a docile soaring bird or fully aerobatic predator! It comes standard as a four servo v-tail / Aileron configuration. However, you can choose to set it up as a v-tail, elevator and ailerons or even both. Our EPP Eagle comes as an ARF kit with servos, leads, ESC, Motor, Propeller and connectors. All you need to supply is your receiver and battery.

Now Selling - Version 2
Version 2 of the EPP Eagle features a redesigned power system offering great performance. Firstly, we have slowed the bird down by changing to an Emax 2205 1650kv motor. This motor is very efficient and specifically designed for 2S operation. It also produced a similar amount of power as our V1 motor but thanks to the motor prop combination (now 8038) it doesn’t overspeed at full throttle. This gives the bird better handling and performance through out the full throttle range as well as a more realistic look in the sky.

Another advantage of the 2S setup with this motor is the flight times – 35 minutes plus. That’s right! We recommend a Rhino 2S 2150 battery which will give this motor prop combo great performance. The extra weight of the larger battery compared to the V1 setup we had previously also actually gives the bird a more stable and settled flight path. Changes in power settings are less likely to cause adverse pitching up or down.

Finally we’ve upped the ESC to a 20AMP Emax Simon Series, giving rock solid performance and plenty of margin over the comparatively low amps pulled by this motor prop combo.

Eagle On A Stick - Currimundi Beach

Eagle On A Stick - Moffat Beach


Eagle at the beach (Version 2)

Additional Flight Video

Kit Contents
1 1 1  
EPP Airframe,
Control Linkages
Carbon Pushrods

Rubber bands

Emax BL2212
1400kv Motor


8038 SF Prop


1 1 1 1
Emax 20Amp ESC (soldered) 4 x Emax ES08AII Servos V-Tail Mixer

Servo Reverser
2 x Servo Y Splitters      


Other items you may require
lemon rx    
UHU Por Glue      
lemon rx lemon rx lemon rx
Razor Blades Strapping Tape Blenderm Tape Rhino 2150Mah 2S Lipo

Price: $199 AUD

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